Why coding for kids is important?

I have been teaching coding for school students on Scratch platform, also teaching Python course through block and text programming.

Whenever we hear word “coding”, what comes to our mind is ‘A computer screen with texts ‘

But the course, coding for kids is special from Aristo Kids. It is very different than what other teachers teach. Company has designed a special course coding for kids which allows them to program using block coding.

Oh! Block coding? What is block coding? Let me explain you,

In block coding, ready-made blocks are available for every block of text code. So, there is no need to type the code. Student can just focus on logics rather than syntax in the text code.

The coding for kids is designed in such a way that make kids understand basics of coding and it helps kids to think logically. According to me, coding for kids is a best way to learn to solve complex problems. Following are the benefits of learning coding for kids,

  • It will help you to understand new technology
  • It enhances the problem-solving skills
  • It helps increase imagination power
  • It helps kids think differently

By Certified Coach: Deepa Sisodia