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Aristo Kids is an education company which offers franchise to the individuals and schools, to run the classes for its courses. The courses are designed for 4 to 14 years old kids for the overall brain development at their early age.

We are a team of experts with decades of experience, and have many young consultants

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    FAQ - Frequenty Asked Questions

    Why should I take Franchise?

    By taking franchise, you outsource all your responsibility of running your training center to us, we provide you everything right from training, course material, teaching material, test papers, certificate, conducting annual event, generate leads, and many more. We also ensure that you get timely support so that you focus on providing quality training to your students. There will be almost no investment required for you to run your training center, as you can order material when required from local distributor and we ensure you receive necessary support in time. Taking franchise is like joining big established family where everything is readily available.

    Is Franchise valid for lifetime?

    Generally franchise is valid for a specific period. However, at Aristo Kids it is valid for lifetime with certain conditions. 

    What are the criteria for getting Franchise?

    You should be qualified and  have a passion to teach children, and commitment to develop them for their better future.

    How much initial investment required?

    All you need is to pay a small onetime franchisee fee and space if you wish to run the classes offline. Company takes care of everything else to enable you to conduct the classes smoothly.

    Does company offers online training?

    We do offer bother offline and online training. We also conduct continuous refresh trainings for our franchises. 

    What in case of any doubt for trainer?

    Teacher having doubt can contact his/her Distributor and/or company for necessary support and guidance. We also conduct continuous refresh trainings for our franchises to clear their doubts if any. 

    Is it mandatory to undergo training for trainer?

    Yes it is mandatory even if you are already teaching similar courses. This is because our course content is different than others, also the way our teachers teach their students is different. 

    Will I be able to handle class confidently after training?

    Yes, we provide you comprehensive training and necessary training material so that you handle classes confidently from the day one. Additionally, we are always committed to provide your necessary support. Additionally, we provide lot of other notes and course material which help teachers to teach their students. 

    How will I get help for marketing in my local area?

    Yes, this is our unique value proposition to become our franchise partner. We are a technology driven company, we generate leads through our digital marketing platform, which we pass on to the local franchisees for further follow-ups. 

    We also provide lot of marketing support, promote coaching centers, and many more to generate leads.

    How much royalty do I have to pay company?

    Company does not take any royalty, we charge for course and other related material and services.

    Can I take franchise from multiple companies?

    No, you can’t take franchise from other company for the same course. We have never experienced this situation due to our continuous quality support to our franchises.