What is trending for kids in education in India?

There are many parents who want to know what is trending for kids in education in India. As a parent it is always a major concern to groom their child through right education.

There are many courses available in the market which help kids gain some skills like playing guitar, piano, solving chess, cube, improve drawing and painting skills, handwriting skill, and many more.

There are certain skills that kids acquire by going into the school like hard work, time management, team collaboration, social collaboration, etc.

The skill which I think most important is to develop child’s brain and enable him/her to solve complex problems in the life and career.

The courses like ABACUS, CODING, CHESS help children to develop their brain to solve complex problems. It is always recommended for parents to engage their kids into such classes which will help them stay away from screen time and invest time for their overall brain development.