Part time job opportunity for home makers and retired persons

I have been teaching ABACUS and Vedic Maths for many years, I feel it is a great part time job opportunity for home makers and retired persons.

Here, I would like to share my personal experience which will help you take a right decision.

I was teaching Maths and Science for 9th and 10thd std. for nearly eighteen years. But, I had to discontinue as I had to do babysitting for my grandson…but I was not happy as I was not teaching, and I wanted to be with kids. Many suggested to take tuitions…but I am against tuitions as I feel parents send their kids for tuitions only to get their homework done through tuition teacher (always there are exceptions).

It was then I thought of teaching Abacus…I enjoyed learning something new and then I started my ABACUS classes. I am enjoying because it allows me to take care of my family responsibilities at the same time I am learning and teaching the kids. I feel myself better than with other who spend their free time in gossiping.

Thanks to Aristo Kids company who enabled me to fulfill my aspirations to start ABACUS classes quickly. Company also helped me pursue my passion of continuous learning, teaching and also earn money.

I personally feel, it is best part time work opportunity for home makers and retired persons and those who want to work from home for just few hours a week. Like me, I advise one should take the franchise from Aristo Kids, and I promise, you will never regret. 

Teacher: Vandana Khakurdikar