I would like to share my interesting journey from home maker to teacher. I was working in a reputed Pharma company at Nashik with the support from my in-laws at home. But, my husband was transferred to Pune and I had to quit my job to take care of husband and twin daughters, because I had lost my support from my in-laws.

I was not happy being home maker, hence I was searching for option by which I could work and at the same time I can take care of my daughters. It was then I came across to Aristo Kids company which provides franchise for conducting classes for kids for its various courses. Initially I was bit worried, I wasn’t sure if I could teach or even learn Abacus, but with the support from company and other franchises I could easily learn ABACUS in just a week time.

My life really changed after I started my classes at home, I was happy that I was earning while paying attention to my daughters.

I had excellent support from the company, that I later took up franchise for Vedic Maths and Coding.

Aristo Kids provides unlimited training sessions, help in promotions and getting admissions, moreover company ensures that franchisees and seniors work together as a team.

The ABACUS and Vedic Maths courses for kids are well designed that they develop their interest in Maths, I have myself experienced that student score improves after joining ABACUS and Vedic Maths classes which makes their parents happy and satisfied.

Certified coach: Akshada Geet