Journey from housewife to successful entrepreneur

Hello, I am Priya Nalbilwar, a certified coach and franchise owner of Aristo kids, I have been running my ABACUS and Vedic Maths classes in Dhayri, Pune for last 3 years. For me, Aristo Kids is like a family. Because, I have received right guidance, support, and encouragement to be successful in my endeavor. Company was with me in all ups and downs that I went throughout my initial journey, and one can expect this kind of support from your family and no one else.

I had no experience as a teacher before, and I was not aware of the responsibilities and challenges ahead, but I could still succeed with the help of support from the company. Now, when I see smile on my student’s face, it gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I would have not experienced this feeling without getting a timely support and guidance from team of Aristo kids.  

My journey from a housewife to a successful entrepreneur was not easy, it is like a dream coming true for me. Aristo kid has given me an identify, and a special place in the society where I live. Above all they have trusted me with my capabilities without any hesitations and have provided me a strong platform to create my own identity. Today, when someone recognize me as Abacus & Vedic match coach, it gives me a sense of pride, and encourage me to do even better in my profession.

Aristo kids in many aspects is different than other similar companies, for us well-being and growth of our students come above everything else. Keeping that in mind, Aristo kids over these many years has invested and are continuously investing in developing quality literatures, books, and unique teaching methodologies. This is helping our students to shine in many national and international competitions.

Words are not enough to praise efforts by Aristo kids to touch students’ life and keep one of the ancient mathematical technique alive in 21 centuries. Something you can experience being part of the Aristo kids’ family. Come and talk to us, and we promise you that you will not be disappointed.