Vedic Maths

Difference between Maths and Vedic Maths

Is Sanskrit need to know to learn Vedic Maths?

  • Is my child to be in CBSE board to learn Vedic Maths?
  • Will method of Vedic Maths confuse with learning Maths in the School?
  • My daughter doesn’t know tables after 12. Can she learn Vedic Maths?
  • Is knowledge of Veda required to learn Vedic Maths?
  • What is the right age to learn Vedic Maths?

Parents always confuse difference between Maths and Vedic Maths, and they often ask these common questions when they come for enquiry for Vedic Maths class.  All these questions are obvious and asked out of their concerns.

You are already aware of Maths as a subject in the school. Let me explain you what Vedic Maths is. Vedic Maths is derived from 16 sutras (formulae) which are written in Veda in Sanskrit. But we at Aristo Kids, we teach the tricks of the Sutra not the Sutra, so the knowledge of Sanskrit is not required.

These tricks help the students to do the calculations faster. The tricks don’t tell us whether we have to do multiplication or addition…but whatever operation is required, Vedic Maths  will give tricks to do it fast. So, the child will not get confused with which method is to be used, he/she can follow the method learned in the school.

Vedic Maths teaches just the tricks, so it does not matter whether your school syllabus is state or CBSE board, and it is useful for all students who are 7 years and above. In Vedic Maths, all calculations are made by small numbers, so only knowledge of tables up to 9 is required.

My personal experience is, after learning first level, both parent and child are happy about the results, so am I. So, if you want to enroll your child Vedic Maths class, join Aristo Kids where child’s result and performance speak about the company.

Teacher: Vandana Khakurdikar