Small Home Based Business Ideas For Women

I am glad to share with you all my personal experience, facts, thoughts, and emotions connected with Aristo Kids, which will give you small home based business ideas for women.

Like every woman I was also a homemaker. After marriage and birth of two children, I was super busy in house chores. After few years, I was eagerly feeling to do something for myself and financially help my husband.

I explored different options to start my career, took suggestions from my friends, and finally after all my research. Because I wanted to quick start my career and focus on teaching, rather than getting busy in other background tasks, I decided to take franchisee of Aristo Kids in September 2019 and quickly start abacus classes, for kids by spending few hours week.

After realizing my success and continuous support from the company, I took franchise of other courses like Rubik’s cube, Phonics, Vedic Maths, Magic Table, Handwriting, Coding, and recently General knowledge.

After three years, I can proudly say, I am a happy and financially independent woman who is not only helping society but also helping my husband financially.

Of course, as it appears, it was not an easy journey. First year was tough, I struggled to get admissions. I had to prove myself as best teacher and get references, everything was started. Later, Corona pandemic tried to put a break on my career.

Thanks to Aristo Kids company to boost my confidence, and provide us online teaching opportunities with all needed support for assignments, exams and many more. I am now taking offline and online classes with students from across India and overseas.

I am not only a certified coach, but also a proud woman who is awarded as Women of the Year award, which is a huge achievement for me. I feel proud that I am paying fees of my kids, paying premium of insurance policies of my family, also contribute to my family’s daily needs.  Most important is, the respect and the trust I get from parents of my students which is a greatest earning for me. All this was possible only with the help and support from company and my family.

 Today is also a big day for me, it’s one of my biggest achievements, I bought a brand new two-wheeler. There is long bucket list, hopefully many more to achieve in coming months and years.

Sampada Abhijeet Thigale, Aristokid’s Multi Talent Academy

Chinchwad Pune, 📞8275942580